The Founder’s Word



I will tell you a secret- how to make a great career in advertising? You don’t need an art background necessarily or a degree to be creative- but you need to be  a crazy thinker… and have a burning desire!

Look at art schools around – mostly the scene is big show, high fees, old syllabus, teachers with no gyan of modern ad world, no sharing with students- just exams and marks – and finally nothing to get the job.

Then the students keep bungling in the dark- no gyan, no jobs… only frustration !

Ad world asks for consistent creative campaigns overnight. The rewards are great for the creative people in the ad industry, the growth is fast. So CREATIVE SKILL is needed in them for a great job, and not the exam, certificate, marks!

Creativity is needed in everything – management, finance, photography, music, writing, films, architecture, interior design, fashion, cookery and in advertising,

Sensing this I established ‘MANTHAN’ in 2003, a unique art school like the ones in UK, USA, France that kindles the fire of creative thinking for advertising.

At  Manthan we understand the artist’ mind. We help students to think, practice to convert life experiences into ideas that sell the brand- because we know even a crow sitting on the tree can give a creative idea. We teach them the out-of-the-box approach for consistent creative fire, courage to experiment and presentation skill.

With us everyone is the other’s teacher, the emphasis is on interaction, exchanging ideas, experiences- this is the true meaning of MANTHAN- the churning of the minds for creative wisdom. He is made to participate in ad competitions, wins awards. There is no exam, we gauge his true development instead in his work. 

Finally we develop his personality, portfolio and place him in the right ad agency in the world. When he wins that job , for us his education is complete. The creative process continues in him. Our ex student achievers and awards is the satisfying proof of this.

Manthan is the mission and not just an institute-it continues to excel, reach new heights…

Meet me, open your mind and dreams to me! I am there to make you more mad…creative and successful!

Prof Shashikant Gavali

Profile – Prof Shashikant Gawali

-Foundation course from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya – 3rd rank in Maharashtra state.

-G.D. Art from Raheja School of Arts, Mumbai

-Graduated from Sir J .J School of Arts in 1994 – ranking 4th in Maharashtra State.

-Teaching for 10 years Raheja School of Arts, Mumbai Today, he has over 20 years of teaching experience.

-Founded MANTHAN – The School of Creative Art and Advertisement 2003

-Winner of Maharashtra State Art Award for consecutive 3 years, winning all 4 awards in 2013.

-In 20 years taught over 4000+ students creative work- they are now in top ad agencies in India and abroad.

-Also founded Manthan art foundation- a NGO with a group of artists, film makers, media people devoted to creative activity for a better society. It arranges Doodle Social Ad Festival every year that gives awards to social message ads/ ad films..